Wine & Romance at Basel Cellars Estate Winery

Basel Cellars Estate Winery

Wine, food, and romance are naturally a perfect package so it makes sense that a winery would be an ideal Stay-Play-Wedding-Basel-Cellarssetting for a wedding. In honor of Valentine’s Day, I spoke with one of Walla Walla’s premier wedding planners to ask about winery weddings. Carrie Brennan, of Without A Hitch Weddings & Events, said one of the most popular romantic destinations in Washington’s wine country is Basel Cellars Estate Winery.

Basel Cellars Estate Winery

Basel Cellars Estate Winery is home to stunning grounds, Basel Cellars Estate Wineryestate buildings, panoramic views, incredible wine and on-site vineyards that make for a jaw-dropping experience. If you’re looking for elegance and romance Basel has it in abundance. How about a 14,000 sq ft, eight-bedroom estate house with a 2,000 sq ft master bedroom? Add a poolside cabana that sleeps four, surrounded by lawns and social areas to accommodate up to 300 people, plus a tasting room and outdoor patio for up to 90 and you have set the stage for a memorable wedding day.

There’s also the Harley Bar, yes as in motorcycles, downstairs for 25 thirsty guests and the front lawn gazebo and drive. Oh, and did I mention a private movie theater and game room? I honestly consider Basel Cellars to be Walla Walla’s version of Hearst Castle and Yosemite style lodges all rolled up into one incredible resort.

Basel Cellars Wine

Now that you’re ready to visit Basel Cellars, let’s talk about what really matters. The wine and the unique terroir. They have Basel Cellars Estate Winerya man-made 9,600 sq ft, temperature controlled, subterranean structure (referred to as The Bat Cave by employees), which had previously housed a car collection. This is as close to winemaking in the caves of France as you’ll ever get. And, in what is very important to us in the Pacific Northwest, Basel’s Double River Vineyard is certified sustainable and salmon safe.

Basel Cellars’ delicious flight of wines include Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Malbec, Merlot, Red Blends, Rose, Semillion and Sauvignon Blanc. Their Syrah is Basel’s best-known wine and the Estate Merriment 2010 red blend is their flagship wine.

But the most unique find is their Ice Wine. Ice Wine in Walla Walla? Yes, you can find it here but it is so rare that the last Basel Cellars Estate Winery ice winevintage was 2013 due to the weather conditions having to be just perfect. Basel’s vineyards sit in one of the coldest sites in the Walla Walla Valley and most of Washington. Grapes have to be frozen at just the right time and the harvest has to be dry, cold and without too much rain. This is followed by a slow pressing of the juice and slow, slow fermentation without the high yield of usual white wines, all of which makes it a very rare find in Walla Walla and worth the trip. Ice Wine will knock your socks off as a desert and also pairs well with blue cheese. It will never freeze so you can keep nicely chilled and it will last a long time (if you don’t drink it all up right away).

So, visit Basel Cellars and raise a glass to love as you make a memory with your special someone that neither of you will ever forget.