Libations Poetry: 2013 Foxtrot Pinot Noir

Greetings fellow libation lovers! Please join us in welcoming Riley, the newest member of the Discover the Pacific Northwest team. In keeping with the PNW’s reputation for being fresh, fun and free thinking we decided to bring something new and funky to the tasting table. Every month Riley will share with us his love of Pacific Northwest life and libations in his own unique and creative style. We promise you have never read reviews like this before!

This first addition pays tribute to the vibrant and sexy 2013 Pinot Noir from Foxtrot Vineyards in the Naramata Bench of BC.

Libations Poetry: 2013 Foxtrot Pinot Noir

someday, if the wind is right, i will drift alone with her

from the arid naramata bench hillsides,

across the pacific northwest swells

to the lava fractal shores of Tofino.

there i will make a small shelter nestled in the dense rainforest

adjacent to the ocean alluvion and, for a minute,

share my heartbeat soliloquy with the sea’s aquanova serenade.

hungry and wanting, we will wander down into the sand

under the old wooden bridge to reap the neap tide bounty.

i will build a beachside fire for her,

then persuade the cork out of a vintage pinot noir and

suckle it’s ambrosia between words as darkness ends the day.

we will talk about how, as children, we were born weeping

into a world of haunting sadness, and yet we found each other still.

an effortless angel,

she shares her light with this impressionable child.

like silent scripture i then fall into ecstasy at her feet…

the sun rises a little later this time of year.

i hardly sleep thinking about waking next to her.

i make a messy morning feast of cherries,

cuckoo eggs and a handful of those tiny mushrooms

that tickled her feet yesterday in the lea of the long shadow dawn.

she has time still to lead me down to the warm beachside waterfall

where we bathe each other in silence under the eiffel tower moon.

i hold her perfect hand in mine,

it feels like sand on a summer day.

she slowly raises her eyes to mine,

she slowly opens my heart to her world.

seeing her there before me i know,

i could gaze into those twin cinnamon suns forever…

high and alone,

the sage flowers rise to greet our stumble and fall,

laughing as we tumble into each other

beneath the towering oaks of Wickininish.

she likes the cloud shaped liked a heart

so i give it to her as a valentine.

the breeze whispers its truth.

i watch as it gently blows her hair into a tawny,

gossamer vermeer across her face.

we lay motionless under the cerulean sky

just long enough to dream each other’s smile,

to long it never ends…