About DPNW

Do you like the idea of tasting some of the worlds best wine, beer, and food while enjoying great entertainment or socializing with friends in spectacular surroundings? Well so do we, which is why we created this site. Our aim is to become your #1 resource for everything the Pacific Northwest excels at.


There is some difference of opinion as to what areas make up the Pacific Northwest but we choose to go with the majority who see it as covering Washington and Oregon State and the lower half of the province of British Columbia. However, everyone would agree that the Pacific Northwest is known for its stunning natural beauty. Lush evergreen forests, majestic snow capped mountains, gorgeous coastline and plenty of hills, valleys, lakes and rivers are all facets of the rich mosaic that is the great PNW. This makes for a veritable wonderland for outdoors enthusiasts, nature lovers and adventure seekers but that is not all this diverse region has to offer. With vibrant cosmopolitan cities like Seattle, Portland and Vancouver there is also an abundance of urban delights to please discerning foodies, music lovers, arts and culture seekers and trendy fashionistas. And what goes well with all of this fabulous diversity? Why a great selection of beer, wine, and cocktails of course! Yet another area in which the Pacific Northwest shines.


Wine grapes have been grown in this beautiful temperate region since just after the days of prohibition, but in the past two decades wineries have been popping up all over the place. It started with Walla Walla, Washington and the Okanagan in British Columbia but now there are wine regions emerging and vying for attention in Woodinville, WA and Vancouver Island, BC with more pockets appearing all the time. Plus, many of these wineries have put the Pacific Northwest on the map as producers of some of the best wines in the world.

Not a big fan of wine? No problem! The Pacific Northwest is home to many of the best and most innovative craft brewers on the continent. Beginning in Portland (aka Brewtopia) Oregon, as far back as 1888, the craft beer culture has blossomed and spread north to Seattle and British Columbia so that now you you are bound to find a craft brewery almost anywhere you go in the PNW just waiting to satisfy that thirst for a cold one.

And let’s not forget about the cideries and distilleries that are now making their presence known in a strong way…pun intended. Vancouver, Seattle and Portland are all seeing a surge in the opening of small batch distilleries and are producing quality standards like gin, vodka, whiskey and rum and you’ll even find some more unique spirits such as rice whiskey and aquavit.


But man cannot live on drink alone. Who doesn’t crave some delicious bread and cheese with that glass of Pinot or a big juicy burger with that ice cold IPA? Fortunately the PNW is also a foodie haven with offerings of some of the freshest seafood and produce on earth and an abundance of incredible cheese makers, bread bakers, creative food artisans and gourmet chefs. You will not go hungry nor will you be bored with the diversity of delicious fare available in this region.


So the Pacific Northwest has great food and drink, what more do you need? Well how about gorgeous settings for enjoying all those sips and bites? The Northwest has that in abundance as well and it’s a year round destination. During winter you can cozy up by the fire with a Hot Toddy at one of the many ski resorts or mountain lodges. In the summer you can enjoy an al fresco meal with a cooling cocktail or beer at one of the thousands of brew pubs or restaurant patios, often with a stunning ocean or lake view. And in the spring and fall you can dine at a winery on a farm to table dinner while sipping a glass of wine made from the vineyard you’re sitting in.


Then there’s the festivals! The Pacific Northwest loves food, wine and beer but they also love music and the arts so it’s no surprise that this is also the land of festivals. All throughout the year you will find  Pacific Northwesters gathering in groups to eat, drink and be merry. There are huge, energetic music festivals, thought provoking film festivals, cultural festivals celebrating our diversity, fun and free-thinking hippy and indie festivals and even though all of these events had a food and drink focus there are also plenty of festivals just for wine, beer, and food.

So you see there is really something for every adult taste, which gave us an idea!

Having the good fortune to grow up in Seattle, WA and Vancouver, BC ourselves, and naturally being lovers of all the things the PNW offers we decided to follow our passion and create “Discover the Pacific Northwest.”  

Our aim is to inspire you to Discover the Pacific Northwest yourself by covering the best this region has to offer. We will be your resource for finding great food, drink, events and activities that appeal to your own appetite and we’ll also offer suggestions for day trips, road trips, weekend breaks or simply an afternoon or evening out. In short, we have made it our mission to explore Washington, Oregon and British Columbia to share with you the many ways you can eat, drink and be merry all year long.

So whether you are blessed to live in the wonderful Pacific Northwest or are visiting for the first or hundredth time, you are sure to find something here to whet your appetite and get you started on your next PNW experience.

What are you waiting for? Come along and Discover the Pacific Northwest with us.